Earn money making and selling flower crowns

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flower crown

That’s what 21-year-old University of Mississippi student Jordan Harris did, and found her flower crowns a popular offering.

Harris, who loves to attend music festivals fell in love with flower crowns after attending her first one in 2009.

In the summer of 2012 she got the idea of making her own flower crown rather than buying one, and found supplies to do it at Hobby lobby.

Harris began making flower crowns for herself and her friends but eventually posted a photo of her crowns on Instagram with a price of $15.

The positive reaction she got to the photo on Instagram led Harris to create a site on Etsy called Jordan Ashleigh Harris (JAH) Designs. She also created a page on Facebook.

It was on her Etsy site that a retail store in Oxford, Mississippi called Miss Behavin’ found her flower crowns just ahead of a weekend celebration in Oxford.

The store sold 85 of Harris’s flower crowns over the weekend and continues to place monthly orders with her.

Now, Libby Story, a second retail store in Jackson, MS is carrying her flower crowns as well.


Source: hottytoddy.com

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