Satisfying demand for survival shelters and supplies is a booming business

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There is nothing new about people wanting survival shelters and supplies. During what was called the Cold War between the US and Russia many survival shelters were built in America.

School kids in the US had regular drills practicing what to do in the event of a nuclear attack.

These days without the government warnings and the media hype there’s not the widespread fear there was during the early days of the Cold War, but the market for survival shelters and supplies in the US and in other parts of the western world is as hot as ever.

Now, a nuclear strike is not the only threat there is, and Russia is not the only source of them. North Korea, China, Iran, Pakistan, and terrorists groups around the world number among others who can or may be able to launch a nuclear, biological, or chemical strike on the US and other countries.


Couple that with unbridled immigration in the western world of some people, both legal and illegal, who seem to have little or no interest in preserving the freedoms and founding principles that made the countries they are entering successful, and it’s no wonder that so many people want to prepare for the worst.


All this unrest makes good business for those selling survival shelters and supplies.


For example, California entrepreneur Ron Hubbard specializes in building upscale survival shelters with all the comforts of home. In fact, he says you can have anything you want according to He also says he can’t build them fast enough. In other words his business is booming.


Type in “survival shelters” and “survival supplies” in the search engines and you’ll see there is a lot of interest in these products and services.


To be sure, there is opportunity across the western world to meet these market demands, and with much less startup capital than the survival shelters Ron Hubbard specializes in probably requires.


If operating a business satisfying the market demand for survival shelters and supplies strikes you as interesting then consider looking into it. Check around where you live to see who, if anyone, is satisfying this market in your area.


Maybe supplying survival shelters and supplies is just the idea you’ve been looking for.

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