Start Your Own Alcohol Drink Delivery Service

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Cocktail Drinks

Start your own alcohol drink delivery service supplying all the necessary ingredients to recreate at home cocktails that cost $12 or $13 at leading bars.

Alcohol drink delivery services are beginning to pop up in larger cities around the US.

Although liquor laws vary from city to city, the delivery businesses seem to have found a way around the system by processing their sales directly through liquor shops, according to the New York Times. That way, the delivery services act sort of like a marketing firm.

Scott Goldman started his own cocktail delivery service in New York in November of 2014 and in only two months expanded his operation to Chicago, with plans to open the service also in San Francisco in the Spring of 2015. Sounds like the business is working pretty well!

Goldman’s company, Cocktail Courier, is clearly wagering that people in Chicago and San Francisco will want craft cocktails delivered to their homes and parties the way people in New York did.

Cocktail Courier, according to the Chicago Tribune, says each delivery contains all the ingredients necessary including spirits, liqueurs, mixers and fresh garnishes for four to six drinks. And all the recipes are designed by an experienced bartender at one of the city’s leading bars and restaurants.

Cocktail Courier’s booze-in-a-box concept aims to simplify making high quality cocktails with serving recommendations and complete instructions on how to mix and shake the ingredients in the proper order.

Cocktail Courier delivers on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, and Goldman said the company promises next-day delivery for orders placed before 9 p.m. The service currently offers no same-day delivery.

Customers can order single deliveries or they can sign up for a weekly delivery of various cocktail packages. Packages range from $36 to $90, depending on the recipe and prices include tips to the bartender who designed the drink.

This type of delivery service could easily be replicated in cities across the US and the world. While most alcohol delivery services tend to be located in larger cities right now, the demand for them may be such that they would work in much smaller cities as well.

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