Sell Fresh and Healthy Fast Food with a Freshii Franchise

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Freshii healthy food

There is a food franchise selling fresh and healthy fast food called Freshii, and it appears to worth a look from entrepreneurs interested in the concept.

When Matthew Corrin began searching for healthy and convenient food while working long hours for Oscar de la Renta back in 2004 in New York City, he wasn’t confident he would find any. But what he found was some of the the mom-and-pop delis in New York City selling healthy food. They had no focus on branding their products or in advertising themselves as having fresh, healthy food, but Corrin thought they were great.

Then it occurred to Corrin that maybe he wasn’t the only guy around looking for healthy and convenient food and that maybe this was a niche business concept he should pursue. And pursue it he did. With zero food-service experience, he named his new venture Freshii and opened his first unit in Toronto in 2005, and within two years he had nine more Freshii stores and began franchising. Now, the Freshii franchise concept is growing rapidly, with more than 160 units in 12 countries already and 120 more in the pipeline for 2015.

Freshii is a health-conscious, sustainably minded franchise chain based in Toronto, Canada. Combining a youthful atmosphere with fresh food to-go, Freshii is driving hard to rule the brave new world of fast food demanding, health-crazed consumers where grease is out and sprouts are in.

Corrin believes his franchise idea is succeeding because it hits a sweet spot among young people not only in Canada and the US, but it many places around the world. He calls that sweet spot the triple bottom line—people, planet and profits. He says that Freshii feeds half a million people per year in Kenya through the sale of its reusable green bowls, and that giving back really resonates with his customers and franchise partners.

If Freshii sounds like something you would be interested in you can visit their website franchising page here.

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Healthy eating and healthy profits!

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