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Too Hot Mamas Canned Peppers

Too Hot Mamas turned canning peppers into a booming business.

They have a hot product and a Too Hot Mamas name to match.

Audra Horton and Christina Frohman are the Too Hot Mamas.  In less than a year, they’ve gone from canning peppers for fun to a booming business and a brand new store.

“It’s been insane,” said Frohman. “I was just canning our own peppers. Then all of a sudden, look at us, our own store, our own kitchen.”

They started exploring the idea last summer and it’s been a wild ride ever since.

“In July, we went to a canning class, found out what we had to do to become legal. We did the classes with the kitchen incubator in Youngstown,” said Horton. “By September, we had our canning license for Too Hot Mamas and we were at Fowler Market. We were there every week and we always had customers, they were always buying. We just couldn’t believe it.”

They’re already in 12 stores around the area, and after using the kitchen incubator to start out, just celebrated the grand opening of their own kitchen on Friday in Hubbard…

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